What is Building Biology?

Creating Safe Havens in a Toxic, Electromagnetic World

Health EffectsBuilding Biology comes from the German term Bau-Biologie.

Building Biology is the science of the holistic interactions between human life and our living environment.

Building Biology is the study of the impact that the built environment has upon the health of people–and the application of this knowledge for building healthy homes and work places.

Today our homes and buildings are air tight that do not provide proper fresh air exchanges, built with synthetic materials with off gassing chemicals, more and more man made electromagnetic radiation is polluting our homes. Building with synthetic materials and poor air ventilation can lead to indoor air quality problems, mold and many more problems. It seems, then, that we are helpless to stop the cultural demise of architecture. The market is continually flooded with new synthetic building materials and furniture. They have been tested and certified for their technical and physical properties, but with little regard for health. When these unproven materials are used in building, human beings become unwitting guinea pigs.  As our environment becomes more and more polluted, illnesses and disease increase.

The WHO reported that 24% of global disease is caused by environmental exposure

(SOURCE: reported in Environmental Science and Engineering Sept 11, 2006).