EMF/RF Mitigation & Shielding Services

After the assessment and understanding your exposure levels, a mitigation option is what you may need.  A Mitigation plan helps to reduce the exposure levels from EMF and RF radiation The goal is ALARA” As Low As Reasonably Achievable” . There are different techniques we recommend for shielding your environment. For wireless radio frequency exposure shielding can be done by using special materials. Some of these materials include  shielding fabrics that can be used as window curtains. Other materials include window film and  conductive paint for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Aluminum mesh and foils can be used for blocking RF, but also offers an effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded to the earth. Wide area AC Magnetic fields from aerial powerlines cannot be shielded in most situations, but in certain situations a cancelation system can be installed by EMF Services depending on the situation. On the other hand AC magnetic fields from point sources (i.e. electric panels etc.) can be shielded using special metallic plating. Contractors may be called for to implement Shielding plans. They usually take instructions and guidelines from Axis Environmental Solutions. Mitigation and shielding techniques have been successfully implemented and may be an option for reducing your exposure levels in your environment. When AC Magnetic Fields/Electric Fields  are found in homes/buildings that are from internal wiring errors,  a licensed  electrician  would be needed  in correcting these EMF wiring errors. During the assessment we try mitigate what we can that is non-invasive i.e. re routing of cables in sitting/sleeping areas, certain devices may be able to be grounded, installing cable isolator if needed on coax cables to isolate current etc.

In extreme conditions from nearby cellular and broadcast towers that are in direct line of site, whole house shielding is sometimes needed as a last resort.

Shielding from Cellular and FM Broadcast Tower in Direct Line of Site 1,030 feet away