EMF– is the emissions of energy in the form of traveling electromagnetic fields. Extremely low frequency (ELF) fields exist as fields only and do not radiate significantly. As the frequency of an electromagnetic field increases more and more of the energy is radiated.

Static Electricity and Air Ionization

Ionization is the physical process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or other ions. There is a natural level of ionization of atoms of air, particularly oxygen, but unnatural environments disturb this natural balance. Static electricity or when you touch something or yet shocked is the result of unbalanced concentration of positive and negative air ions. The ideal ion ratio is 5:4 (Neg:Pos). Having synthetic materials in the house and central heating systems tend to increase static electricity. Materials like plastics, polyester, and finishes that are acrylics or polyurethanes. Instead choose natural materials made of wood, cotton, wool, and finishes made from lime, casein and linseed oil.

 (AC) Electric Fields   AC Voltage.png

Electric fields: electrical force filled between two separated surfaces or wires at different in voltages. It is measured in Volts per Meter. Examples of sources are the internal wiring in the walls, outdoor overhead power lines, wiring from your electronics, lamps, computers and all other of our electronics and charging cables from our electrical gadgets.

Electric fields are from voltage. In the sleeping area with no switches turned on, just the wiring in the wall can produce AC electric fields. Possible health effects are disrupts circadian rhythm, disrupts communication and depolarization due to coupling effect. Impacts on heart beat, impact on immune system, muscle and nerve pain, change in cell division and DNA synthesis.

Body Voltage (BV)

Body Voltage is the AC potential and its transient induced in the human body by the surrounding AC electric field sources.  Body voltage measurement procedure is only an indication of Electric Field exposure. It is not a direct measurement of the electric fields. This is a demonstration tool about how the body is affected when exposed to high electric fields in the sleeping area. This can help identify sources in the sleeping area. Some possible long term exposure symptoms to high AC Electrical fields in the sleeping area are headache, insomnia, nausea, waking up several times at night etc… Note: The voltage on the Electrical System Ground(ESG) will dictate how low or high your BV measurements will be even with all circuits off. Elevated voltage on the ESG will result in higher BV, and vice versa the lower the voltage on the ESG the lower BV measurements will be. The average voltage typically on the ESG ranges from .2-.5 volts Ac (200-500mV), sometimes you may find these measurements slightly lower or even slightly higher on the ESG. 

Direct Current Magnetic Fields (DC Magnetic Fields)

Our earth has a natural DC magnetic field, and normal field from the earth. DC magnetic fields occur in the vicinity of magnetic materials (steel or iron parts) or they are generated by electric charges moving in one direction only as in direct current. This is particularly true for steel trusses in ceilings, floors and walls, concrete steel reinforcement, metal piping for water distribution and heating systems, metal frames on beds, metal box springs in mattresses and also window and door frames made of metal. These are all man-made sources that attract the DC magnetic fields and become magnetized.

AC Magnetic Fields

Alternating magnetic fields occurs whenever AC current is flowing. The movement of current requires a completed circuit-electricity moving from the electricity supply to the return. Something has to be “turned on” in order to let a current. Just a wire to which a voltage is applied does not give rise to a magnetic field (voltage only would be an AC electric field which was spoke about earlier) Sources of AC magnetic fields are: electric wiring, alarm clocks, dimmer switches, CFL (fluorescent bulbs), ballasts and even LED lights, lamps, wiring for cable TV, power supplies and transformers and motors. Outdoor power lines and just about anything that has current flowing could produce magnetic fields. Some independent scientific studies show Possible health effects start at being exposed to 2.0 mG. There may be a risk increase of: cancer, childhood leukemia, migraines, depression, irritability, etc. Exposure to higher magnetic fields were found a suppressed melatonin production, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and psychological. It is measured in milligauss and nanotesla. The average measurements in a home is about <1.0 mG.

Radio Frequency (RF)/Microwaves

High or radio frequency radiation starts at a frequency of about 30 thousand cycles per second (30KHZ) in the radio wave region to 300MHZ and reaches up to the microwave region, ending at about 300GHZ. Radio frequency radiation is given off purposely by transmitters, but also in advertently by electronic equipment and electrical wiring. The various frequency bounds can be divided in two sections: radio waves (long wave radio, AM Radio, short wave radio, FM Radio and TV stations) as well as microwaves (radar, cellular, phone communication, Wi-Fi, wireless access points, smart meters and microwave ovens). The unit of electromagnetic waves is either given as field strength or power density.

Possible health issues, biological effects or radio frequency radiation falls into two categories: thermal effects caused by heating and non-thermal effects from the modulation. Thermal effect are heating of tissue or warming of the tissue. Depending on the power density, increased enzyme activity, changes in the calcium ion transport system of the cells, inhibition of T-lymphocytes. Also birth defects and Neurological disorders. Non-thermal is from mostly what we are encountering everyday at the lower power levels that are pulsed signals that carry data. Possible health effects are: Vibratory protein receptor on cell wall, interprets pulsed signal as a foe- Shuts down cell wall. Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome- less nutrients, waste buildup, mitosis-daughter cells, micronuclei- apoptosis-tumors. No safe level- Cell phone users, nearby users, and antennas.

Source: IBE 212

Harmonics (aka dirty electricity)- are a distortion of the normal electrical current waveform and whole-number multiples of the input frequency generally transmitted by nonlinear loads.


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