EMF/RF Assessments

Axis Environmental Solutions services offer assessments, evaluation, inspection and mitigation of homes and offices with regards to electromagnetic fields and radio frequency  exposure. Our goal is to help identify the external and internal sources of EMR pollutants of your living environment and reduce exposure as low as reasonably achievable.

Home EMF Assessments

For home EMF we measure and check the following:

  • AC Electrical fields- Electrical wiring throughout the entire home, power lines, appliances and all other electronics devices plugged into electrical outlets.
  • AC Magnetic fields- Power lines, transformers, motors, appliances, dimmer switches, and wiring throughout your home.
  • Stray Currents on metallic gas and water pipes, cable coax and from electrical wiring errors in circuits.
  • Stray voltage on metallic gas and water pipes, and on Electrical system ground.
  • Body Voltage Measurements (demo)- measure of body potential against earth induced by AC electric field sources at close proximity from the sleeping areas.
  • Harmonics (conductive/radiated) are a distortion of the normal electrical current waveform and whole-number multiples of the input frequency generally transmitted by non-linear loads. THD measured also local and external.
  • Radio Frequency Radiation from 10 MHz – 10 GHz ( wireless exposure). Spectrum Analysis can also be performed in close proximity to base stations/antenna sites.

EMF Office Assessments

For EMF office assessments we measure areas where most time is spent.

Radio Frequency/Microwave Assessments

One of the major concerns is the increase of Radio Frequency radiation from wireless technology. Studies show possible evidence of biological health effects after long-term exposure to the wireless technology we are being exposed to on a daily basis,. These studies tell us that the information carrying radio waves (ICRW) are the components that trigger adverse biological responses leading to health effects (.” Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D.). For more information on health effects, see Information.

RF Office Assessments

For RF office assessments we measure areas where most time is spent.

Sources of RF Pollution

-Cell phones/Blue tooth -Wireless Video Games
-Cell Towers/Cell Antennas -Radar
-Wi-Fi/ Wireless routers/Wireless internet -Wireless Smart Devices
-Wireless Access Points -GSM Radio
-Smart Meters -WiMax
-AM/FM radio towers & TV towers -Microwave Ovens
-Wireless Security Systems -DECT Cordless Phones
-Wireless Baby Monitors -Small Cells

RF Exposure from Directional Cellphone Antenna Transmitter

Cell phone antenna tramsmitter

At 50m distance > 10,000 µW/m² At 100m distance <10,000 µW/m²
At 150m distance < 5000 µW/m²  At 500m distance < 500 µW/m²  
At 1000m distance < 200 µW/m² Above 1000m < 50 µW/m²

Note: Exposure levels from cell antennas may vary, some levels may be lower or much higher depending on type of antennas, number of antennas, how many users in the area, time of day etc..

Italy 15 V/m=0.0596 mW/cm2 Limits for general population 

FCC Exposure Limits general population = 1 mW/cm2

 FCC Exposure Limits for occupational = 5 mW/cm2

Canada Safety Code 6, Table 5= 10,000,000 µW/m2

We Also provide Compliance RF Rooftop Cell Site Assessments/Surveys according to FCC OET Bulletin 65  (Up to 60 GHz which covers current low/mid band and  future 5G high band frequencies). See RF Compliance under services.