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Price Structure:

EMR Assessment includes Ac Electric fields, Ac Magnetic Fields & Radio Frequency/Microwaves, Harmonics, Stray Current and Stray Voltage

  • Apartment/Townhomes under 1,200 sq ft.
  • Single Family home 1,500 sq ft and under
  • Single Family home 1,501-2000 sq ft
  • Single Family home 2,001-2,999 sq ft.
  • Single Family home 3,000 – 3,999 sq ft
  • Single Family home 4,000-4,999 sq ft
  • Single Family home 5,000 – 5,499 sq ft
  • Single Family home 5,500-5,999 sq ft
  • Single Family home 6,000-6,499 sq ft
  • Single Family home 6,500-6,999 sq ft
  • Hourly Rates: For measuring one source, Commercial, & return trips to work with contractors, electricians, re-measure after mitigation.
  • For measuring ionizing Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays, in granite, antiques and other items that may be of a concern or just background levels.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Rooftop Cell site FCC compliance assessments
  • $295.00
  • $350.00
  • $395.00
  • $450.00
  • $495.00
  • $550.00
  • $595.00
  • $650.00
  • $695.00
  • $750.00 / as square footage increase this price will go up the same for larger homes
  • $125.00 1st hour/$75.00 each additional hour (for residential). Commercial hourly rates $125.00 per hour. Note hourly rates only include typed copies of measurements, if a full written report is requested there is an extra fee.
  • $40.00 charge, this is not included with a non-ionizing EMF home assessment.
  • Call for pricing-additional cost for compliance meters

Travel fees apply for driving distance 1 hour and over.

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Phone consultations are also available, the first 15 minutes are free, and then $35.00 for every 30 minutes.