These are some of the comments our clients have graciously provided about the service we provide. We thanked them for their business.



“I  recently used Eric’s consulting services to address the high EMF problem we were having in our residence. He was very knowledgeable of the types of intercom systems that are low in EMF’s and what would be the most appropriate intercom to install in my daughter’s bedroom instead of a wireless system.  I highly recommend Eric as a Bau-biology environmental consultant for any type of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) issues you may be having inside your home.”

Michelle – Orlando, Florida



“Thanks for testing my house I’m feeling much better now haven’t had any headaches now that I turn the wi-fi off at night while we sleep. I feel much safer now knowing my house is protected with my three children. Thanks again something everyone should consider with children especially not knowing what could affect them down the road.”

G.L – Lake Worth, Florida


Dear Eric and Jesse, (AC Magnetic Fields)

The dynamic duo, the finder and the fixer. I really can’t thank you two enough for your tenacity and perseverance. I finally feel safe and healthy in my home. Please go and help others from the anguish of electro smog.

Thanks so so much,

Joanne- West Palm Beach, Florida



Axis Environmental Solutions has been invaluable to me in a number of ways.  I felt their assessment of my condo prior to my purchasing it was more important than the typical inspection that I also had done – a broken dishwasher would soon be discovered and fixed but living with EMF/RF health hazards may not be uncovered until after years of exposure, and then a fix for some problems may be close to impossible.  I felt assured in purchasing the condo, when they determined that only a few easily fixable sources of excessive EMFs were present.  After I moved in, a follow-up assessment advised me on how best to configure my electronics so that I was not needlessly exposed to EMF/RF.  Their expertise and concern for achieving a healthy EMF/RF home environment make me feel glad that they exist and that I contacted them.


Richard – Delray Beach, Florida


You really have done a fantastic and extremely professional job! This gives me great peace of mind and specific solutions to decrease our issues-exactly what we needed! We would be very happy if you need to use us as a reference at any time. We will study your report thoroughly. Please visit again if you ever are in the area.


Patti-Florida Keys