About Axis Environmental Solutions.

We are a company striving to ensure that your living environment is healthy and safe.  Our services consist of Electromagnetic Radiation Assessments from low frequency to high frequency wireless communication and power quality  for residential homes, condos, apartments,  pre-purchase homes and vacant lots. We also offer RF  FCC compliance assessments.  The current U.S maximum permissible exposure (MPE) guidelines are only for a short term thermal (heating of tissue) effect. Currently there is no government guidelines for long term exposure at the lower levels. Axis Environmental Solutions will help you understand what you are being exposed to by taking accurate factual measurements using various meters and measuring techniques. We will also help you identify sources of pollution and how to mitigate them to reduce your exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). We are a company of integrity and very compassionate on how the environment conditions effect your health and well-being. The important question everyone should be asking is” what am I being exposed to? The reason for this question is, most people have no idea what they are being exposed to. As many pollutants we assess are invisible, it can be difficult to assess and mitigate these fields on your own.  The owner (EMF Technician) is a certified indoor environmental consultant & RFSO (radio frequency safety officer) that specializes in electromagnetic radiation assessments and has over 20 years experience working in the low voltage electrical distribution industry. The Business is registered in Palm Beach County Florida and also with the Florida Department of State.